Volumetric weight box drawing


The term ‘Volumetric Weight’ applies to the amount of physical space that an item consumes.

Commonly used in freight transport, the volumetric weight is based on the cubic dimensions of your consignment and may bear no correlation to the actual weight of a product.

L= length W= width H= height


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With the volumetric weight calculated, this figure is then compared to the actual weight of your consignment. Whichever figure is higher will be used to determine your delivery price.

If the volumetric weight of your parcel is 18kg and the actual weight is 12kg, the volumetric weight will be used to calculate the cost of your shipment.

For both volumetric and actual measurements:

All weights will be rounded up to the nearest half kilo when quoting your delivery cost.

Irregular shape weight


For packages of an irregular shape, the volumetric weight is calculated based on cubic dimensions.

You will need to identify the smallest cubic shape that your consignment will fully fit into.

Use the length, height and width of this cubic shape to work out the volumetric weight as per the calculator above.

L= length W= width H= height

multiple consignments


For shipments where you are looking to send multiple parcels, you will need to calculate both the volumetric weight and the actual weight for each of the packages.

For each package, you will need to determine whether the volumetric or actual weight is greater and add this figure to the other weights in your consignment to get your total chargeable weight.

Actual WeightVolumetric Weight
Parcel A12kg18kg
Parcel B7.5kg10kg
Parcel C11.58.5kg
Tolal: 31kgTolal: 36.5kg

Total chargeable weight = 39.5kg