Expressing excellence since 1992


Through a consistently high standard of customer service, we work tirelessly to ensure your delivery parameters are met.

Out tried & tested network of partners means that clients have become accustomed to the highest standards of delivery.

With over 27 year in business we are proud of our loyal customer base. Many of whom have been with us for the vast amount of that time.


Our client base is many and varied and not just in one business sector.
Point of Sale
Design and Installation
Graphic Design
Event Management
Vehicle Parts
Food Manufacturers
High Street Retailers.

We meet each clients unique set of demands, whether it be cost, trackability or variable collection times.


We know things go wrong. Shipments can get delayed, damaged and even lost. We have a proven track record and high service level which allows us to be honest if things do go wrong.

We step up to the plate and make sure everything is done to get your shipment delivered.

Worldwide Express Proud To Be Associated With Vesl
Worldwide Express Working In Association With Loughborough University
Worldwide Express Proudly Working With Dale Studios