In March when the government announced the requirement to close down many business’s and activities, we at Worldwide Express were as nervous and worried as everyone in the country. What did this mean for our families? What did it mean for our business and livelihood? In truth almost 80% of our clients had to close down and subsequently had a knock on affect for us.

Our MD Justin managed the process to great effect with help from all staff in making our business safe and manageable in a very stressful time.

Our operations and finance team de-camped to working from home, with new phone links set up to manage the incoming calls.

Our drivers were kitted out with PPE masks, gloves, hand sanitisers to wipe down hands and the vehicles we use.

But very quickly clients turned to the needs of the country and found ways to do business in a safe and secure way. Working from home, working for the NHS. Different to what we had done before but working none the less.

Our freight changed to Visors, Masks, Protective screens and Hand Sanitisers in both Prototypes and Finished goods.

Same day deliveries were required for NHS Hospitals and Care homes and the supply chain linking them together. Major clients and high street names needed the support to get these vital goods out and in place. We did our part in a small but effective way.

We believe that NHS staff and Key workers are the true heroes at this time but we are proud of what we did during this time.

Please see some small images of our vehicles carrying out vital work during this time.