A client approached us towards the end of 2018 requesting assistance with a shop fit in Covent Garden. Covent garden is a very popular tourist centre in London and has loading restrictions in place for public safety and access reason.

Goods were to be collated in our 5500qft warehouse in Leicester from 2-3 deliveries on 40ft trailers arriving from France Specific crates were then required to be delivered at 0730 on three separate delivery dates in Covent Garden.

Goods arrived as planned and were unloaded safely into our warehouse. We identified the crates required by each delivery and assessed the requirement.

The challenges were it was fairly late in the day that the weights and final dimensions of the goods were available .We had to change the plan a couple of times but in the end went with two 7.5 tonne vehicles delivering on a Saturday morning for the first delivery.

We opted against an 18tonne vehicle as the size and increased height of the load base would have been difficult for the shop fit team to negotiate when it arrived.

Subsequent deliveries were achieved with a single 7.5 tonne delivery.

We had to make sure adequate rest time had been allowed so that driver ‘s hours were correct and ensure the goods were loaded safe and well in advance.

Limited space at Covent Garden meant that the empty crates and pallets had to be returned to our depot for certified disposal with a local waste management company.

Each delivery was loaded the night before and drivers departed at 0400 each morning.

Assistance was given to the shop fitters when delivering.

All deliveries went well and on time the client was very happy with the care and assistance both the warehouse and driving team applied to the project.